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Full Stack Software Engineer

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Company Description

You have a passion for software development? You like to work on products used by millions of consumers? You want to work with current technologies while having the space to explore new ones? You enjoy working in a team with talented engineers?


Join our Digital Platforms Engineering team and you`ll be responsible for designing, implementing and operating web-scale content APIs for the platform. With your technical background, you are hands-on in every layer of the tech stack, i.e. from selecting and using cloud services, building easy-to-use APIs and implementing frontend components for backend services.


You’ll become part of a strong engineering unit built on a culture guiding us to operate with freedom and responsibility. Our product development approach allows us to work at the high velocity we require to reduce the time-to-market of our applications. We strongly believe that the best results can be achieved when individuals have the freedom to make the right decisions while being entrusted with responsibility.

Job Description

Software Development

In your role as Full-Stack Engineer, you’ll develop product features with special attention to feature completeness, testability, and maintainability. You´ll satisfy the teams’ high standards of design, code quality and test automation. You are aware of the importance of writing high-quality code but balance it with the impact on project timelines and goals.



In our agile environment, you´ll work constantly and closely with your team, but also with peers outside of your team. While designing and implementing new ideas, you´ll always be supported by your peers and vice versa. We embrace practices like pair programming and strongly believe in constant constructive feedback as a crucial ingredient for your personal development of skills as well to help your peers become better professionals.



You’ll continuously contribute to the system’s architecture so it can cope with changing needs and challenge proposed solutions and requirements. Likewise, you’ll also help advance the architecture so that it allows a high degree of autonomy and throughput, but also fosters a good developer experience.



In this role, you’ll be keeping up to date with new industry trends and standards is the key to success. You´ll continuously screen the market for potential innovative solutions, which could provide business value. Having identified appealing solutions, you´ll perform a sound evaluation & assessment of the solution by creating prototypes and pilot installations.


Business context

Last but not least, you’ll engage in business and product discussions, collaborating with business stakeholders to develop technically feasible requirements. You’ll contribute your technical expertise to help shape the product vision, ensuring that the solutions proposed align with the organization's objectives and capabilities. This will involve understanding the broader business context and considering the potential impact of your technical decisions on the overall success of the project.


Experience in back-end web development technologies, specifically Typescript and NodeJs.

English fluent, German is a plus

Master’s or bachelor’s degree in Multi-Media, Software Engineering, Information Systems or Computer Science or some years of experience in this field.

Interest in Continuous Deployment of web-scale services backed by test automation.

Interest in front-end web development technologies and frameworks such as React, Vue, or Angular.

Familiarity with cloud technologies and state of the art SaaS products like AWS, GitHub or Cloudinary.

Has worked in virtual & mixed team organizations, including with outsourced partners and vendors.

Understanding of modern online application architecture concepts, such as availability, scalability, resilience, and responsiveness as well as caching strategies and API design (RESTful and/or GraphQL API).

Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines (GitHub Actions), build tools and, containerization (Docker).

Fundamental knowledge about various database types (SQL/NoSQL).

Ability and courage to challenge the status quo as well as the willingness to look into new technologies.

Familiarity in using tools like Git, JIRA or Datadog.

Additional Information

Due to legal reasons we are obliged to disclose the minimum salary according to the collective agreement for this position, which is EUR 2,367 gross per month. However, our attractive compensation package is based on market-oriented salaries and is therefore significantly above the stated minimum salary.


As an employer, we value diversity and support people in developing their potential and strengths, realizing their ideas and seizing opportunities. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We welcome applications from all members of society irrespective of age, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or origin.

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